Meet with a business coach to brainstorm ideas, resolve challenges, and improve short term and long-term success.

Your business coach will help you proactively plan your strategy and address the administration, operations, marketing, and leadership concerns that you have to deal with. Your business coach is the one you pass ideas through. And when you run into a crisis, which happens to all businesses, your coach will walk you through how to overcome this.

Our business coaches have decades of experience working in the health care industry and helping doctors and health care practitioners across North America start and grow their practices. You will meet one-on-one with a business coach on a regular basis (once or twice a month) to work on growing your business.

Perhaps you have taken one of our courses in the past, but need help implementing the ideas from the course into your practice. One-on-one coaching is ideal for this.

Your business coach will work with you on the following four pillars:


How to organize your business, your team, your information, and your finances.


Developing systems to run your business with the right tools, skills, and methods, and creating contingencies to handle challenges that come up.


Develop a marketing strategy and learn the 18 marketing tools that you need to develop a strong marketing plan that supports the growth of your business.


Develop a vision with purpose and goals and balance this with deliverables that the market is actually looking for.

Coaching testimonial:

Worth every penny and you’ll have an advocate looking at your situation carefully. I highly recommend setting up an online consultation with Andy and tapping into his brain!

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