By Dr. Jeffrey Lee

In June of 2018, Brio celebrated its 10-year anniversary!  For our one-day celebration, we transformed our clinic into a mini “expo” modelled after “Expo 86,” the World’s Fair that was held in Vancouver in 1986.

In our large multi-purpose room, which was standing room only, we held 15-minute presentations throughout the day on various health topics. The other rooms in our clinic were set up as “pavilions” and each featured one of our treatment modalities, such as Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Low-level Laser Therapy, etc. Short videos describing our treatments along with patient testimonials were played in each room. And just like the real “Expo 86,” guests were given a stamp card and received a stamp for each room visited. Once they completed their stamp cards, they were entered into a draw for some fantastic prizes donated from our supplement companies and local businesses. We had patients new and old come out to the event. I was truly touched by how excited everyone was to celebrate with us, especially the patients who had moved away and made a special trip just to join us!

Dr Jeff and Brio Team

The 10-year celebration event sparked something in me, as I began reflecting on all the ups and downs of my journey of getting to this stage of my career:

  • How did I get from an associate to owning an integrative practice?
  • What were some key decisions made to help us achieve this success?
  • Who helped us along the way?
  • What was the roadmap used?

I also started thinking about the future:

  • Is this exactly what I want to be doing?
  • How can we grow this clinic even more?
  • How do we scale our company?

In this blog, I hope to share with you some of the lessons I’ve learned, including the mistakes and the successes that have brought me thus far. I’ll also share with you the next phase of our journey as we begin to grow our practice to a whole new level.