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Next Session: Saturday, August 21, and Sunday, August 22

Ozone Applications and Strategies for Successful Implementation

We are excited to be offering a 2-day intensive hands-on workshop covering the applications of ozone. You will be able to immediately use the techniques you learn. This will be a very limited group of a maximum of 6 people, so everyone gets proper hands-on experience doing the basic and advanced therapies during the class. We also invite each doctor to include 1 administrative staff member (Office Lead Hand, Medical Assistant, Office Manager, etc) for separate training and discussion on integrating the therapies into a practice and marketing them. Administrative staff can be included in the “6” or join online.

Are you interested in being part of a small workshop with a handful of fellow doctors to learn techniques that can help your patients and bring in money to your practice? Do you want to learn from instructors who know both the medical side and the business side of running a clinic? Then this is the course for you!

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Dr. Brenden Cochran, a world-renowned IV, Ozone, and Injection expert who teaches internationally with International IV Therapy for Professionals, will provide hands-on instruction and in-depth theoretical training on all the applications of ozone: Major Autohemotherapy, Minor Autohemotherapy, Limb bagging, Insufflation Ultraviolet Light, “stem cell” Biological Allograft, PRP-Ozone (heparin vs. ACD vs Sodium Citrate), IV hyperbaric ozone, compatibility with other IV treatments.

Andre Belanger, who has more than 30 years of experience coaching clinic teams in optimizing clinic efficiency and enhancing client experience, will address implementation of operating systems and marketing strategies to enhance the practice success.