H.E.R.O’s Groups Grow as a Team

Who Is It For?

Groups of 3 students who intend to own their own businesses or start their own practices upon graduation.

How Does It Work?

Everyone in the group submits a five year goal.

Group Skype sessions (allows each person to be on their own computer and at a different location).

Instructions and timelines are provided for a “Victory Strategy”.

Group members commit to doing the work in the timeline noted, keeping their coach in the loop.

H.E.R.O.’s group coaching helps member’s success in the long term, with a business expert guiding you along your journey to victory.

The sooner we have the opportunity to strengthen entrepreneurial skills the better. Our solution for the struggle that many graduating health entrepreneurs is the H.E.R.O.’s groups, where our hourly rates are shared by a group of no more than 3 and our H.E.R.O.’s guides, provide specific timelines and assignment defined within our “Victory Strategy”. The more active before starting a venture, the better prepared in handling the challenges as a health care entrepreneur”.