The 4 pillars of entrepreneurship is excellence in the 4 pillars of any venture:  

Adminstration, Operations, Marketing, Leadership.

Due to logistics, time and numerous other factors, attending the take charge series may be impossible. Don’t worry, with our 4 pillars strategy, we provide webinars and teleconferences on the topics provided from the hand up. Many of the topics and concepts are global and can benefit entrepreneurs everywhere.

Lead hand strategy: H.E.R.O’s is proud to introduce its latest release of training, the lead hand for health care entrepreneurs. This coaching offers lead hands of health care entrepreneurs to become experts in specific topics of the Take Charge series. With no more than 10 seats available per session, office managers get guidance in implement the various tools that are provided in the take charge session, and as they develop skills and improving systems in marketing, operations and administration, the health care entrepreneurs can focus on patient care and strategic planning.